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Learn about the unexpected benefits of breast augmentation

Breast Augmentation Promotes Mental Well-Being for Honolulu Patients

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Shim Ching says his breast augmentation patients in Honolulu often report improvements in emotional health. Honolulu, Hawaii (January 2015) — Dr. Shim Ching ( says a recent study exploring the potential mental health benefits of cosmetic surgery for female teens with significant breast asymmetry reflects the experience of his own  patients …

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Learn about our unique approach to breast augmentation

Honolulu Plastic Surgeon Offers Strategies for Choosing Breast Implants

Dr. Shim Ching, a plastic surgeon in Honolulu, gives advice for breast augmentation patients who have more implant options than ever to choose from. Honolulu, Hawaii (September 2015) — Breast implant options have multiplied in recent years, and Dr. Shim Ching (, a plastic surgeon in Honolulu specializing in breast enhancement, says the range of …

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