What Determines the Cost of Your Surgery?

Many different factors go into determining the final figure you’ll pay for your surgery. Like any other service, the cost of plastic surgery can vary depending on where in the world you have it performed. For example, a breast augmentation in Honolulu has an average price of $13,000. This is just a bit higher than the average price paid by mainland patients.

At the end of your initial consultation, we provide you with a written quote that reflects the details you discussed with Dr. Ching. The final cost of your surgery factors in several variables, including:

  • The cost of any medical devices and supplies, such as breast implants
  • Fees charged by the anesthesiologist and surgical facility
  • The significance or technical challenge of your surgery
  • Costs associated with preoperative and postoperative visits

Your Payment Options

In addition to the option to pay for your surgery outright, we also offer financing through these third-party organizations:

PowerPay is a financing option for plastic or cosmetic surgery. The process is streamlined so that you can prequalify for the procedure you are interested in financing. The loan rates are competitive and the application process is simplified to give you the best rates in the industry. You can Apply Online or call (800) 397-4485.

CareCredit® works like a credit card, but it’s specifically for purchases related to health and beauty. They offer generous lines of credit to qualified applicants as well as several repayment options. You can easily apply online.

ALPHAEON® CREDIT offers no interest financing options, so if the amount financed is $4,000, the estimated monthly payment for 6 months is $667. They also have a 14.9% APR Budget Pay Plan, which is available for as low as $99/month when you finance $1,000 (11-month plan) or $149/month when you finance $4,000 (33-month plan). Apply online or by phone at (855) 497-8176.

United Medical Credit is ideal for those who do not qualify for standard subprime loans. They charge a higher interest rate, which varies and is based on each individual person’s credit history/score. Learn more on their FAQ Page. You can apply online or by phone at (855) 503-1800.

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