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Liposuction is a safe, effective way to sculpt and contour areas of the face and body. It should be used to eliminate isolated areas of unwanted fat, not for weight loss. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Shim Ching is a body contouring and liposuction specialist in Honolulu, Hawaii, who offers a range of treatments that can help give you a slimmer appearance.

Treatment Areas

Liposuction, when performed by Dr. Ching, a skilled, experienced plastic surgeon, can effectively fine-tune body contours. Women and men choose this procedure to get rid of fat on a variety of areas including:

  • Chin, jowls, and neck
  • Arms
  • Abdomen and waist
  • Hips, thighs, and knees
  • Male chest

Patients who want a nonsurgical alternative for minor slimming of the abdomen, lower back, waist, or thighs may consider CoolSculpting®.


Dr. Ching performs liposuction as an outpatient procedure in his on-site surgical center. In most cases, he performs laser liposuction. This enhancement to the traditional method comes with the added benefit of tightening the skin of the targeted area. After Dr. Ching makes tiny incisions, he inserts a thin tube called a cannula with a laser on the end. The laser liquefies fat before Dr. Ching removes it through suction, making the process easier and resulting in less bleeding and bruising.

In cases where Dr. Ching combines liposuction with another procedure, such as tummy tuck surgery, he performs tumescent liposuction, the most common form of the procedure, because skin tightening is not needed. For this method, he injects a saltwater solution containing a local anesthetic and adrenaline into the targeted areas through small incisions. This infusion numbs the areas and inhibits bleeding. He then removes the unwanted fat using suction equipment to minimize trauma to the nearby skin and muscles.

Achieving Optimal Liposuction Results

In his Honolulu, Hawaii, practice, Dr. Ching uses liposuction, also called liposculpture or lipo, to remove unwanted fat from the face and body. Liposuction is meant for people with areas of unwanted localized fat who are at a stable, healthy weight and have good skin tone. It should not be used for rapid weight loss or as a replacement for exercise or a diet. In order to provide the best results with the highest level of safety, Dr. Ching limits the amount of fat he removes. In your consultation, he’ll decide on the right approach for your unique needs.

Dr. Shim Ching

Dr. Shim Ching

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Shim Ching is one of Hawaii’s most renowned physicians for aesthetic procedures of the face, breast, and body. His attention to detail, skill, and mastery of surgical techniques produce remarkable, natural-looking results.

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After liposuction, treated areas will likely be sore and swollen, with mild bruising. Recovery will depend on the areas treated and the amount of fat removed. Most patients will be instructed to wear a compression garment for several weeks to reduce swelling and optimize results. Typically tumescent liposuction patients are ready to return to work within about a week. Recovery after laser liposuction is often only a day or 2.

What Our Patients Are Saying...

  • I have always had visions of what I would look like with a flat tummy. Now every single morning when I awake, I always say, “thank you Dr. Ching!” Thank you for allowing my dreams and visions of having my ideal body come to be a reality.
  • Dr Shim Ching is the best surgeon of the island of Oahu. You will get what you paid for. He gets the most hospitable staff. I just love them. Thank you.
  • Dear Dr. Ching, It has been 6 weeks (just as you said) and I look Fabulous! What a transformation! I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for the GREAT WORK you did on my face.


It’s important to understand that liposuction is not a weight-loss method and keep this in mind during the weeks just after your surgery. Right after surgery, expect to weigh the same or more than you did before your surgery for 2 reasons:

  • You’ll experience fluid retention from swelling and the tumescent fluid. It can take days and sometimes weeks for the body to process these fluids. You will see the swelling go down, but it will take some time.
  • Your body needs time to adapt to the changes caused by liposuction. If you keep your diet and exercise the same as before liposuction, your body will replace the fat that was removed by increasing the fat cells elsewhere in a more evenly distributed fashion. This process is also gradual, meaning that you’ll see cosmetic improvements grow over a period of approximately 4 to 6 months.

Diet and exercise can play a role in stabilizing your weight by accelerating your recovery and your body’s adjustment to having fewer fat cells, bringing the full gains of your liposuction to fruition in less time. You will still be able to gain weight after liposuction, but probably not in the areas treated. As long as a person’s diet and exercise level remain stable, fat should not return to the treated areas.


Can I have liposuction to lose weight instead of dieting and exercising?

Absolutely not. This is probably the most widespread misconception and the one that causes the most disappointment in those considering liposuction. The truth is that liposuction should be part of a program that includes a beneficial diet and exercise, especially after the procedure.

Liposuction is not used on the fat that can be eliminated through a diet and exercise regimen alone; it should be used to get rid of “problem areas” that are resistant to conventional diet and exercise efforts.

Liposuction should not be your first and only option for fat reduction. It’s a surgical procedure that should only be used after valid and effective nonsurgical solutions.


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Why do you limit the amount of fat you remove in one session?

Dr. Ching may not be able to treat all areas in a single liposuction session because the health risk rises with the amount of fat removed. Therefore, for some patients, he minimizes this risk by breaking up the total fat removal into separate operations. While new technology such as Smartlipo® laser liposuction has made liposuction an extremely safe procedure, it’s also safer because of practices like ours that put the patient’s overall health first.

Why do you limit the total amount of fat you remove?

In addition to limiting the amount of fat he removes in a single session, Dr. Ching limits the total amount of fat he removes on an individual liposuction patient. In some cases, he may not remove as much fat as the patient would like. If liposuction is overdone, it can create contour irregularities that give the body an uneven, lumpy look. In some cases, skin indentations known as “dents” can also result from an “over-suction.” Dr. Ching’s aim is to remove unwanted areas of fat while providing an overall smooth, healthy, pleasing appearance. This is why he primarily performs laser liposuction, an enhancement on the traditional method that comes with the added benefit of skin tightening to produce a smooth, even look.

Dr. Ching’s vast experience in this procedure gives him a deep insight into what’s appropriate for each patient’s body. Through refined skill and years of experience performing liposculpture, he can actually create the impression of greater reduction than the actual amount of fat removed for some patients.

Are there other reasons you limit liposuction?

The patient’s overall health and the type of anesthesia used can also have a direct impact on the amount of fat removed with liposuction. Dr. Ching chooses either local or general anesthesia based on the patient’s unique situation. Ultimately, the patient’s well-being comes first in all cosmetic surgery decisions. It’s better to do 2 safe sessions than to risk a patient’s health by attempting to do it all at once.

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