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Neck Lift

Often performed in conjunction with a facelift, a neck lift removes loose, sagging skin that frequently develops with age. In some cases, underlying muscles will be tightened and liposuction will be judiciously employed to remove excess fat in the neck and around the chin. The result is a younger, smoother you in the mirror. Dr. Ching performs neck lift in Honolulu, Hawaii, and in Kuwait.

The best proof of neck lift surgery’s cosmetic benefits can be seen in the slideshow above. Please take a look for a better idea of potential results for your neck lift.

A neck lift is a surgical procedure to rejuvenate the neck. A neck lift takes about 2 hours to perform. In a necklift, the skin of the neck is separated from the deeper layers of the neck using an incision in front of the ear, behind the ear, and along the hairline behind the ear. This long, continuous incision allows the surgeon to lift the skin off of the muscle layer of the neck; in addition, a small incision is made underneath the chin. Once the skin is lifted off of the neck, liposuction can be performed if needed, then the surgeon works on tightening the muscle layer underneath the skin. This muscle layer contains a thin flat muscle called the platysma. Patients often present with what are called platysmal bands, which is the edge of the platysma muscle of the neck showing through the skin. This muscle edge is easily seen in older patients as two vertical bands on either side of the midline of the neck. To resolve this problem, the muscle is sutured together in the middle through the incision underneath the chin and partially cut so that the edge of the muscle is no longer visible. On the sides of the neck, the muscle layer can be tightened as needed. After the deeper layer is tightened, excess skin is removed and the skin sutured together. If the incisions are placed correctly the scars are barely visible.

Dr. Shim Ching

Dr. Shim Ching

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Shim Ching is one of Hawaii’s most renowned physicians for aesthetic procedures of the face, breast, and body. His attention to detail, skill, and mastery of surgical techniques produce remarkable, natural-looking results.

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A good candidate for this procedure is anyone with looseness and aging of the neck.

A realistic expectation for a patient having a necklift is an improved and more youthful appearance of the neck after having this procedure.

Common reasons why a patient wants a necklift are loose skin of the neck, excess fat of the neck, and what people often call a turkey neck appearance.

A necklift takes 1-2 weeks to recover from.

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