For those who wish to slim down their facial appearance and reduce the size of their cheeks, Dr. Shim Ching offers buccal fat pad removal. The buccal fat pad is a small pad of fat located beneath your cheekbone between your facial muscles. Every person has them, and their size and shape can vary from person to person. These pads can be removed to create a more contoured facial appearance.

Buccal Fat Removal Before & After Photos

Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.

Your Procedure 

During the buccal fat pad procedure, local anesthesia may be used. After you are comfortable, Dr. Ching will make a small incision on the inside of your cheek. From there, they will be able to expose the fat pad and remove some or all of it. Dissolvable stitches are typically used to sew up the incision. The procedure usually takes about 30 minutes to perform and is done inside the mouth. With no incisions made on the face, there will be no visible scarring. 

Your Recovery

 Following your surgery, you may be a bit sore and see some bruising and swelling around your face. Most patients can return to work after one week. You may begin to see results at this point, but best results once the swelling has fully subsided and you are fully recovered. This is typically within a few months of surgery.


Who is a candidate?

If you would like to create a slimmer-looking facial appearance or lose the “chubby cheek” look, you may be a candidate for buccal fat removal. Other factors that ideal candidates should have good overall health, they are at a healthy weight, and have realistic expectations for the procedure.

Why Choose Dr. Shim Ching?

Dr. Ching is a leader in plastic surgery both in Hawaii and across the world. He is a board-certified plastic surgeon and has been named as one of the Best Doctors in America since 2011, a recognition reserved for the nation’s top 5% of doctors. His medical training placed a strong emphasis on surgical technique and continued innovation, both of which are still core values of his philosophy today. Dr. Ching is known for exceeding his patients’ expectations and creating a top-rated patient experience.

Your Consultation 

During your initial consultation, Dr. Ching will determine if you are a candidate for this surgery. He will ask about your aesthetic concerns, your medical history, and examine your face to ensure this is the right procedure for you. Depending on your concerns he may also recommend other procedures that work well with buccal fat pad removal, to create your ideal facial appearance. The consultation is also where patients can ask Dr. Ching their questions and he can address any concerns.

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