Nipple inversion is usually a painless problem, that has no bearing on your health, but can lead to other personal difficulties. It can make women feel self-conscious about their breasts, and make breastfeeding more challenging. Some patients may be born with inverted nipples, while others develop them as they age due to issues with the underlying tissue. Nipple inversion repair is a surgical procedure that offers a permanent solution to the issue.

Degrees of Nipple Inversion

The first step before nipple inversion repair is determining the degree of inversion. There is a grading system that takes into account the duration of inversion as well as the response. Level 1 is patients whose nipples sometimes come out without manipulation. Level 2 nipples respond to manipulation. Level 3 nipples are the ones that do not respond to manual manipulation and are always inverted. During your consultation with Dr. Ching, he will determine what level your nipple inversion is. He will discuss your goals for the surgery as well as examine your nipples. He will be able to answer your questions and decide if this procedure is right for you.

Your Procedure and Recovery

Nipple inversion repair surgery only takes around 15 minutes. The surgery is done by creating a micro-incision at the base of the areola. These incisions don’t leave large scars and are almost imperceptible. Through the incision, a very fine instrument is inserted to help release the inversion. Sutures are then placed to hold the nipple in the desired everted position. 

Most patients can return to work and regular activities immediately after surgery. Patients should avoid strenuous activities and cardio for around two weeks after surgery. Dr. Ching will be available to answer any questions throughout the recovery period.

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This staff is remarkable. They were professional, patient, and caring. From my very 1st visit I felt the warmth. Their sincerity continues, I am 1-week post-op and they are with me every step of the way.

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