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ThermiVa logoNonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation at our Honolulu, Hawaii practice is becoming increasingly popular, because women are realizing that they can reclaim their femininity through the treatment. For many, vaginal tissue can become lax after having children or with the onset of aging and menopause, affecting your enjoyment of sexual intimacy. ThermiVa is an FDA-approved, no-downtime procedure that can help you regain sensitivity during intercourse and renew your sense of confidence in yourself.

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What is ThermiVa?

Until fairly recently, the only options for tightening vaginal tissue involved an exercise called Kegels or surgery. Vaginoplasty — a surgical procedure that tightens the vagina — is effective, but the procedure poses some risks and involves a recovery that is often uncomfortable. Cosmetic surgery to improve the external appearance of the vagina, called labiaplasty, has similar drawbacks.

ThermiVa is a simpler alternative to those surgical interventions. And unlike other nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation treatments that use laser energy, ThermiVa uses radiofrequency energy. The energy gently heats the vaginal tissue, stimulating new collagen growth and improving blood flow — leading to reduced urinary leakage, increased sexual satisfaction, and a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

ThermiVa has multiple benefits:

  • Reduces sagging of the labia
  • Heightens sexual sensation
  • Improves vaginal moisture
  • Treats mild to moderate stress incontinence

Patients usually notice the initial results almost immediately after the first treatment.

What to Expect During a ThermiVa Treatment

A ThermiVa treatment involves inserting a small, curved probe (about the size of your pinky finger) that gently heats the internal tissue to a very specific therapeutic temperature. An indicator constantly monitors the actual temperature, both as an added safety measure and an assurance that it remains within a temperature range with effective therapeutic results. That same probe is then gently passed along the outside to tighten the external tissue.

The sustained but comfortable heat is what separates ThermiVa from laser vaginal rejuvenation devices, which heats the tissue with bursts of energy instead (sometimes referred to as “blast and cool” devices). ThermiVa enables our technician to produce consistent results in a way that’s comfortable for the patient.

We recommend 3 treatments scheduled about a month apart to get the best outcome. The treatment doesn’t require anesthesia, and patients can resume their normal activities immediately after the procedure. You can engage in sexual intercourse the same day as the treatment. Because the ThermiVa procedure triggers the production of new collagen, the results will continue to improve for several weeks after the final treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the treatment uncomfortable?
The temperature-controlled ThermiVa wand ensures that patients remain comfortable during the procedure. Patients may even find the treatment relaxing. Its popularity remains high in part because it is extremely safe and virtually eliminates the risk of burning.

Should I get ThermiVa if I plan to have another baby?
Undergoing ThermiVa treatments won’t affect your ability to have more children, but you should know that the results can be compromised by giving birth. Of course, you can have additional ThermiVa treatments after having another child.

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