3 Ways ThermiVa® Can Help You Live More Freely

A woman happily puts her legs out of the car post thermiva treatment.

Vaginal rejuvenation with ThermiVa at my Honolulu, HI, practice does more than just physically rejuvenate your body; it provides a new level of freedom from common issues related to feminine health. If you struggle with concerns such as urinary incontinence or insecurity during intimacy, you know that a lack of confidence in these areas can translate to stress in multiple areas of your life. Vaginal rejuvenation treatments are designed to help you break free of this stress.

In this blog post, I’ll explore the ways ThermiVa can help you rise above these issues and enjoy a newfound sense of freedom in 3 different ways.

Freedom to laugh

ThermiVa treats mild to moderate stress incontinence, which is often caused by sneezing, coughing, or even laughing. Whether as a result of aging or childbirth, this issue can cause feelings of embarrassment in social settings and can keep you from fully enjoying the ups and downs of each day. Vaginal rejuvenation treatments such as ThermiVa can allow you to confidently go throughout your day-to-day life without having to worry about this concern.

ThermiVa works by using radiofrequency energy to gently and consistently heat the vaginal tissues. This stimulates the natural production of collagen, which builds tissue strength and helps relieve incontinence. This comfortable, sustained heating is so mild it doesn’t require any anesthesia, and it allows you to return to your usual activities immediately after your treatment, so you won’t have to miss a moment of fun.

Freedom to enjoy intimacy

Insecurity in intimate settings can be an unfortunate side effect of natural changes to the body, but it doesn’t have to stop you from feeling close to your partner. ThermiVa can increase sexual satisfaction and can also help you feel more confident in private moments. By stimulating collagen production and increasing blood flow, it both tightens the area and heightens sensation.

Although seeking treatment for these issues can seem uncomfortable at first, the professionals at my practice have extensive experience and are always focused on making each woman feel secure and safe throughout the process. You can expect the highest level of privacy and support during your visit.

Learn more about what you can expect from a ThermiVa appointment in our previous blog post.

Freedom to feel confident

Body confidence goes beyond feeling stunning in a swimsuit; it means loving and taking care of your whole body, including your feminine health. ThermiVa can play a part in that. Because the treatment is quick, nonsurgical, and doesn’t involve recovery, many women find it easy to work the procedure into their schedules.

Most women see their best results after 3 treatments spaced about a month apart. As collagen rebuilding takes place, you may notice continued improvements for several weeks after your last treatment. The result is a more vibrant, confident you who is free to laugh, enjoy intimacy, and feel great about your body from head to toe.

If you would like to learn more about ThermiVa at our Honolulu, HI, practice, please contact us online or call (808) 585-8855.

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    • Jennel Membrere says:

      Thermiva is our Vaginal Rejuvenating treatment. We put together a package of 3 treatments for $3000 or 1 treatment at $1200. We do offer a VIP GOLD Membership Program that includes 50% off 1 Thermiva treatment each month if you are looking for a better deal. For more details and information about this Membership Program, please contact the office at 808-585-8855 and ask for Jennel. Thank you so much for your question!