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SlimLipo® vs. Smartlipo®

Which is better, SmartLipo or SlimLipo? Both plastic surgeons and their clients have raised this question as they seek the best liposuction results through laser lipo. In Honolulu, Hawaii, people considering liposuction should know that the most important factors are the skill and knowledge of the surgeon.

Important criteria when considering laser lipo is whether the surgeon is has board certification in plastic surgery and sufficient surgical skills and experience. Dr. Ching is a board-certified plastic surgeon who has been performing liposuction for over 10 years. This is an important distinction as some physicians have only recently started performing liposuction because they were trained in other specialties and are not plastic surgeons.

Why Dr. Ching Chose SlimLipo

Dr. Ching chose the SlimLipo system over Smartlipo for laser liposuction only after thorough research and investigation into both options. The reasons for his choice?

The first, and probably most crucial item is that much of the effectiveness of a laser lipo system rests on the wavelengths it uses to target fat. The Smartlipo laser system uses the 1064 nanometer and 1320 nanometer wavelengths. These wavelengths can both reduce and rid the body of fat. However, they’re not the safest or most precise wavelengths for doing so.

The SlimLipo system utilizes the 925 nanometer and 975 nanometers wavelengths. Those wavelengths are important because the first, 925 nanometers, is specifically absorbed by your fatty tissue, ‘melting’ the fat. It accomplishes this while using less energy and generating less heat than the Smartlipo system. That means more fat eliminated and greater personal comfort.

The 2nd wavelength, 975 nanometers, also exceeds the preciseness of the Smartlipo’s targeting as it is absorbed by your collagen fibers. This results in better tightening of the skin and it does so without excessive heat being utilized. This is one more way the SlimLipo laser system guarantees solid results with minimal discomfort. Excessive heat can cause burning of the skin, a serious complication of laser liposuction. By reducing the energy that is used by specifically targeting the skin and fat with better laser wavelengths, the SlimLipo system provides more safety than Smartlipo.

More SlimLipo Advantages

The advantages of SlimLipo do not end there. Some other important factors are:

  • The SlimLipo laser wand is flexible, giving it the ability to turn corners. SmartLipo uses a stiff wand that cannot do this, limiting its reach. Another advantage of the flexible tip is that fewer access incisions need to be made because a long, flexible tip can contour a larger area.
  • The SlimLipo wand can reach a wider area than the Smartlipo wand. It can target and treat more fatty areas in your body.
  • Less energy is needed and used by the SlimLipo wand. The Smartlipo wand generates more heat because of its greater energy requirements, which can produce tissue burns.
  • The Smartlipo wand concentrates energy at the tip of the wand, concentrating the energy in a small area which increases the risk of burning the skin or causing irregularities. SlimLipo diffuses energy over a larger area, providing smoother results and increasing the safety of the procedure.

The Smartlipo system does perform the task of laser liposuction, just not as effectively or as comfortably as the SlimLipo laser system. For these reasons Dr. Ching selected SlimLipo for his practice and his patients.

Combined with his years of surgery experience and skill, you are assured of the greatest laser lipo benefits and results possible – in Hawaii or anywhere else.

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