What Can a Brazilian Butt Lift Do for You?

A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) at our cosmetic surgery center in Honolulu can provide patients with the figure they’ve always wanted. This technique is more than just a butt-enhancing procedure—it also gets rid of unwanted fat in other parts of your body for more dramatic improvement.

What makes a BBL different from implants?

Implants are made from silicone and designed to add volume to your buttocks. Just like breast implants, they can be either round or anatomically shaped, and they can have smooth or textured surfaces. Butt implants are made from highly durable material to combat the constant pressure from sitting.

A Brazilian butt lift uses liposuction to remove unwanted fat from the hips, waist, and thighs. This fat is then processed and injected back into the buttocks to achieve full, yet natural-looking results.

What are some of the benefits of a BBL over implants?

I prefer the Brazilian butt lift for several reasons:

  • A BBL is 2 surgeries in 1. The procedure first removes unwanted fat from another area of your body and then uses that fat to create fuller, more shapely buttocks.
  • As compared to implants, a Brazilian butt lift does not require significant sutures. For example, a BBL is performed using injections, so you do not have to worry about incisions or scarring. Liposuction uses a very small cannula inserted through very small incisions and, in most cases, does not require sutures.
  • A BBL provides a more natural look and feel than can be achieved with implants.
  • Because a BBL uses your own fat cells, the procedure poses a much lower risk of rejection than implants.
  • Buttock implants have the potential to become displaced, which does not incur with fat injections.
  • Implants pose a slight risk of capsular contracture, which develops when internal scar tissue forms a constricting capsule around an implant. This can cause the implant to become misshapen and hard.

Where can the fat be taken from?

Another benefit of a BBL is that you can use fat from any location on your body where you want to slim down. For most people, we use liposuction to extract extra fat on the hips, abdomen, or thighs. We then purify the fat to remove any fluid or damaged cells. This ensures that only healthy cells are injected, which will help you get the best possible results.

For patients who do not have enough fat to be used to augment the buttocks, silicone implants are available to provide you the fuller look that you desire.

What is the recovery like?

A Brazilian butt lift is typically an outpatient procedure, so you can return home the same day as your surgery. Recovery usually takes a few weeks, but the process varies from patient to patient. You should expect some initial bruising and swelling, but these symptoms will soon resolve. In general, the more extensive your liposuction, the more downtime you’ll need.

At the beginning of the recovery process, it is important to put as little pressure as possible on your buttocks, which means minimal sitting. You should also drink lots of water and avoid any strenuous activity during the initial weeks. Make sure to follow all your surgeon’s post-op instructions carefully to ensure a smooth recovery.

When will I see my complete results?

You will likely notice results as soon as your procedure is over, but it may take a few months for the post-op swelling to fully subside. In the weeks following your procedure, you will gradually be able to better visualize your results. Visit our photo gallery to see some of our patients’ results.

If you want to discuss your options for butt augmentation or fat reduction, request a consultation online or call our office at (808) 207-7345.

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