Transformation Through Rhinoplasty: Don’t Settle for a Crooked Nose

Many people suffer from nasal deformities. Issues such as a crooked nose are common and embarrassing problems, and they can give a person a negative self-image. To correct for these aspects of the nose, Dr. Shim Ching offers rhinoplasty surgery to patients here in Honolulu, Hawaii.

When a person has a crooked nose, the nasal bones are out of proper vertical alignment. Because they are connected to the nose’s cartilaginous structures, the middle vault area (on the bridge of the nose) and its cartilage are also misaligned. The septum, an internal vertical nasal structure made of bone and cartilage, may also be deviated. If so, the surgeon will have to correct this issue during the rhinoplasty.

Before you make a decision about rhinoplasty surgery, discuss the procedure with a plastic surgeon. Dr. Ching is an experienced, board-certified cosmetic surgeon who has delivered great results to many past patients. He would be happy to answer your questions about correcting for a crooked nose through rhinoplasty. Make an appointment with our office today!

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