How Rhinoplasty Can Address a Wide Nose

I have many patients come into my practice who are self-conscious about the width of the bridge of their nose. This appearance is usually due to wide nasal bones. When I perform rhinoplasty for Hawaii patients at my Honolulu practice, my approach to a wide nose begins with the nostril sills or the alar insertions — sometimes both. (The nostril sills are the areas at the inner bottom of the nostrils; the alar insertions are the outer rounded parts of the nostrils.)

When the nostril sills are the issue, I perform a sill excision to reduce their size. When the alar insertions are the problem, I use the alar wedge excision technique to reduce them. Sometimes, both of these techniques are performed in conjunction in order to reduce the appearance of a wide nose.

With a surgery like this, swelling can sometimes last a bit longer than a traditional rhinoplasty. Overall recovery time can take 1 to 2 weeks, but the results can last indefinitely.

Educating yourself about nose surgery to correct a wide nose is always a smart idea. The best way to learn more about it is by scheduling a consultation with me.

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