The Inverted V: When Revision Rhinoplasty Becomes Necessary

One of the most common causes of an inverted V nasal malformation (i.e., a dip in the nasal bridge) is complication after rhinoplasty surgery. Unfortunately, correcting it requires a revision rhinoplasty, which we perform for Hawaii patients. But how does the primary rhinoplasty procedure create this kind of problem?

When a dorsal hump is removed during rhinoplasty, there is a risk of taking away too much cartilage from the area. It’s a delicate thing, and mistakes like these are all too common. When there isn’t enough collagen left to support the vault (the bridge), an inverted V deformity occurs.

If you have experienced this unfortunate circumstance, revision rhinoplasty can restore your nasal bridge — giving you the results you deserved the first time around. Especially with a revision procedure, it’s vitally important to choose a qualified, board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Shim Ching. Dr. Ching has the experience needed to make the delicate changes that add support to the over-reduced area of the nasal bridge. Contact our office to set up an appointment.

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