Rhinoplasty Options: Correcting a Dorsal Hump & The Supratip Break

Looking in the mirror every day and seeing a nasal bridge that looks convex and projects outwards can be upsetting. Patients getting rhinoplasty to fix this at my Honolulu practice learn about a technique called dorsal hump rhinoplasty. A dorsal hump refers to the bone and cartilage that is on the top of your nose. It can be inherited or the result of any trauma to the nose. Rhinoplasty is a great option when our Hawaii patients are looking for a straighter profile for their nose.

Some patients who are undergoing this surgery are also interested in a supratip break. This is an aesthetically pleasing and feminine nasal feature that many women elect to have created once their dorsal hump has been removed. After a dorsal hump is corrected, the bridge of the nose appears flat and is in a straight diagonal line. In the case of a supratip break, the straight line of the bridge is broken by a slightly prominent upward tip of the nose.

During dorsal hump rhinoplasty recovery, a splint may be used to stabilize the area. The area is also wrapped in tape. The splint will be worn for a week, after which it will be taken off. After this, the patient should re-wrap the nose once a day for the next two weeks, aiding in the healing process.

You can discuss dorsal humps and supratip breaks with me during your rhinoplasty consultation. Call our office at (808) 207-7345 to schedule an appointment, or request a consultation online.

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