Breast Implants – The Myths & The Truth

Get the facts about breast augmentation

The Real Story On Many Breast Augmentation Questions

It’s understandable that there are so many myths about breast implants and breast augmentation surgery in Hawaii. A cosmetic procedure that can produce such dramatic changes, and provokes so much discussion, tends to lend itself to misinformation spreading very quickly.

This page is aimed at correcting some of the more common, though certainly not all, myths out there about breast implants. Please read them over before coming in to our Honolulu, Hawaii offices for your consultation with Dr. Ching.

Myth #1: Breast Augmentation Is Risky For Women Over 50

Actually, women of almost any age are potential candidates for breast augmentation as long as they’re:

  • In good medical health and
  • Breast cancer free

Females of all ages have undergone this cosmetic surgery. The real qualifier is your medical condition, not your age. Some tests may be required for your safety, but your age alone will rarely be the one reason for disqualification as a patient.

Myth #2: Patients Can Have Any Shape Or Size Breast Implant They Desire

The reality is that your body shape and size will restrict the range of breast implant size available to you. Still, you should bring photographic examples or a clear idea of what you want to the consultation(s) with Dr. Ching. The more you know about your goal, the easier it will be for Dr. Ching to understand your needs.

Myth #3: Breast Implants Must Be Removed Every 10 Years

Currently there’s no specific measurement for predicting how long your ­ or anyone’s – breast implants will last. For some there will come a time for their removal or replacement due to different reasons. For others, their breast implants may last a lifetime. Therefore, we don’t recommend implants be changed unless there is a problem.

Myth #4: There’s One “Best” Breast Augmentation Incision

Often patients believe that one breast augmentation incision technique is the best for all. That is not true.

Instead, Dr. Ching has a choice of incision areas and techniques. He selects them based on your unique body type and with the best cosmetic result in mind. This will vary from patient to patient, so what worked for one will not be appropriate for another.

Myth #5: Breast Implants Rupture Easily

Breast implants do not rupture nearly as often as believed. Breast implants are actually tested rigorously for this eventuality. One way is by using a machine that presses them between 2 metal plates at a rate of 200 compressions per minute. This pressure is much greater than anything they will experience in your daily life.

Though rupturing does occur, the vast majority of breast implants remain intact in patients for years after their augmentation surgery.

You can read more on getting breast implants, then contact us today for a consultation. Get your questions answered about breast augmentation and whether it’s right for you.

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