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Plastic surgery patients from Honolulu to Maui and throughout Hawaii praise board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Shim Ching for his surgical skills, his professionalism, and his easy-going nature. He is grateful for the responses, and understands that satisfied patients are the foundation of his practice.

If you want to learn more about Dr. Ching, request a consultation to meet with him personally to discuss your cosmetic goals. You can also call our office at (808) 207-7345 to schedule an appointment. Please keep in mind that each patient is unique and results may not occur for all patients.

*Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.

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This was the first time I had a procedure at Asia-Pacific. Stacy Muse very patiently explained the procedure, was very meticulous, and my injections were pain-free. She suggested small injections at a new site of my face where I’ve never addressed but have aged in that area, and that area now looks like it did 20 years ago, I’m so happy with the results! My results are amazing and I’m extremely happy with Stacy’s work. Will definitely be returning for all of my injectibles.

- Michelle K

I enjoyed my consultation with Keri and Dr. ShimChing. I love the technology they have for me to get an idea of how I’d look like with the size breast I would like instead of just sizing with a bra on. They went over with me all that is needed to be heard, from what I would like done, to both of our expectations and procedures. I felt very comfortable talking with them, especially meeting Dr. ShimChing after seeing his amazing work via online and in the news. The staff / team he has have been great since the first phone call from Keri to assist with scheduling a consultation to pricing and everything else. Their financial options were available and within my budget. I know it will all be worth it next month once I get done with my scheduled appointment. I’m so excited for my day to come. Just being in their office made me feel safe and I can trust Dr. ShimChing and his team!

- Laurie Anne T

Dr shim Ching is the best surgeon of the island of Oahu. You will get what you paid for. He gets the most hospitable staff. I just love them. Thank you.

- Thelma H

Awesome experience! Dr. Ching and staff were very hospitable. Look forward to seeing my results! Thank you so much!

- Helen T

Best experience! I would highly recommend Dr Shim Ching and his practice!

- Moyra K

This staff is remarkable. They were professional, patience and caring. From my very 1st visit I felt the warmth. Their sincerity continues, I am 1 week post op and they are with me every step of the way. From the nurses, nurse assistants, anesthesiologist, and all the office staff but especially, last and certainly not at all least. The man of the hour, Dr. Shim Ching himself. He listened to me, my concerns and my desires. He asked questions and explained everything. I would choose him (them) again without a 2nd thought if required more cosmetic surgery.

- Shavon N

Dr. Shim Ching is great on what he does. I believe I found my doctor for life. Thank you Dr. Shim.

- C R

I have never had a surgical experience like I did with Dr.Shim Ching. He listened and did everything I asked. You see, My left silicone implant ruptured after 17 years. I originally went back to the doctor who performed the surgery 17 years ago and he quoted me $11,300!!! For a removal and replacement of implants that he put in!! I was quite upset by the disregard of a loyal patient that wanted to be fixed. I then went to Dr. Shim Ching. He not only promised to do what I wanted but to also remove some scarring aaaannnd he also worked within my budget , saving me over $2500 !! The whole experience was so comfortable, friendly and super professional!!! Yay for Dr. Shim Ching and his stellar staff!

- Paniolo P

I had an amazing experience with Dr Ching and his staff, from start to finish. During my consultation, I felt confident that I have met with the right Dr. He eased my worries with his professionalism and expertise in the type of surgery I wanted (double eyelid). During surgery, he was very patient and really took his time to perfect his artwork. I am very pleased with my results, and have gotten compliments from friends and family. A few from strangers as well! Great doctor and staff!

- K Pak

Asia Pacific offers a variety of options to help you look and feel better. While I had no plastic surgery or fillers, my face looks and feels great. The building was easy to find and very relaxing. The staff are professional and friendly. I would highly recommend Asia Pacific to everyone!

- Lori D

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3/26/2019 –

Friendly staff that helps with every step and questions I have along the way. Erin is amazing! She is always willing to help and has a great memory. She takes my concerns seriously and never makes me feel like a bother. Dr Shim Ching was a great choice and made me feel extremely comfortable when making my decision for my surgery. Would definitely recommend to anyone who is considering getting anything done.

2/25/2019 –

My experience has been wonderful! My consultation was informative, and all my questions were answered as photos were taken for my quote. I will say I wish there was a bigger discount for multiple areas being treated because I would have totally gotten 3 more areas done BUT this is Hawaii and I get everything has to be shipped in. Anyway, I booked for my 1 area that same day and was stocked for my appointment day!

On the day of however, there as some confusion. Both my pre-op paperwork and my confirmation call said the same thing but when I went in the girl at the desk told me I was almost 2 hours early. Now having worked in a dental office, where we double booked regularly, so I understand that procedures can run long, so instead of blaming ME for getting the time wrong, which I hadn't, apologizing and letting me know they were running late would have been more professional.

Anyway, after an hour of waiting to be taken back after returning when they said to, I was taken back. My nurses were wonderful and took new pictures while explaining EVERYTHING that was going to happen including how I should expect to feel during the "twilight" stage. I do wish I had gotten to pee first or warm up a bit as the waiting area was COLD but the drapes were surprisingly warm. The happy cocktail worked but I did feel more than I should have and wasn't really out of it until the ride home; not surprising because this happened when I got LASIK.

The next day I had a look when I took my first shower and despite the bruising, I totally noticed the improvement right away! Not even a week later and the bruising had gone down with some slight swelling. Now well over a month later I only have a few tender scar tissue areas. I can't wait to see how everything looks in a few months at the next appointment!

Aside from the miscommunication, my experience has been wonderful! If you are considering doing laser liposuction/smartlipo let Dr. Ching do yours! He did beyond what I had expected, so you can tell he really cares about his work. I have watched enough Botched to know that good doctors actually care about the results, which is why I spent the past 2 years researching not only the procedure but doctors as well here in Hawaii; back home in Chicago I had a few options as well but correcting my eyes came first.

11/23/2018 –

On my 41st birthday, Dr. Shim Ching performed 360 liposuction and BBL surgery. He did a great job! Five weeks after I see great results and it's still early. He is skilled and the only plastic surgeon I will see.

11/21/2018 –

I have wanted my breasts done for longer than I can remember. I am now 34 years old, a mother of two, and was ready to move forward with my desire to have a nice full chest. Especially since my pregnancies and breastfeeding made them even worse than they looked prior to children!

Dr Ching was the second Dr I went to consult with, but I knew right away that I would go with him and wouldn't have to consult with any others.

  • He is calm and collected, professional, and explains just enough.
  • His office is beautiful. Clean, crisp, comfortable. Just perfect.
  • His staff is great. Keri helped with most of the procedure process - she answered countless questions and concerns of mine. Front desk ladies are kind. Lo in the surgery side is absolutely amazing.

But the best part about going to Dr Ching- is that the result of my procedure has been more amazing than I ever could have anticipated.

  • My recovery was relatively quick and painless (from what Ive read and heard from other women). I was on pain killers for 24 hours, no longer. I was back at work in less than two weeks (I use my arms a lot at work so I was worried I wouldn't be back for over a month)
  • I had zero bruising. My scars are fading so nicely and are hidden well so they're barely visible anyway.
  • My chest looks EXACTLY like I wanted it to look. I told him several times I didn't want them to look fake. I wanted a natural looking augmentation, and he did just that. They look 100% real and feel incredibly soft.

Dr Ching is expensive- possibly the highest on the island. However, I full heartedly believe he is worth every penny.

My only regret- is that I didn't get them bigger! :) Trust me- whatever size you think you want- go about 40-50 cc's higher than that. I wish I did!!!

8/10/201 –

Getting a facial surgical procedure done can be quite daunting to say the least. But from the initial moment you step into Dr. Ching's office, you'll feel welcomed by staff members who are professional yet treat you with aloha and compassion. Dr. Ching himself, is a gentle spirit, and attentive to your needs. He reassures you, explains the procedure, and is always checking that you're comfortable. His nurses are fabulous as well! I love my outcome and will not hesitate to refer others to him. I so appreciate his skills and professionalism.

7/22/2018 –

I rarely post reviews on yelp but for this I had to. A year ago I got my lips done at another surgeons office by one of their nurses after my lips settled and the swelling went down I noticed a bump on my top lip. After a few months I noticed the bump got bigger and my lip started to indent. I knew it was from misplacement from the fillers.

After doing some research I saw tons of amazing reviews for Dr. Shim Ching. They had a special on Instagram for fillers, so I called and booked an appointment with Nurse Stacy.

She is AMAZING! I sat down with her and talked to her about my concern and what I really wanted to fix. She made sure to talk me through the whole process and took it step by step. I felt super comfortable that she knew what she was doing. It's been a little over a month now and my lips still look great and I get way more compliments now than I ever did. I highly recommend seeing Nurse Stacy! You WILL NOT regret it.

6/29/2018 –

Staff and Doctor were amazing. Went for an open house and had a great experience. Very professional and nice.

4/20/2018 –

Dr. Shim Ching is professional, knowledgeable & most importantly has precision & is gentle during your procedure. I received a bilateral, sub muscular breast augmentation, incision through the armpit. I've had minimal bruising in my underarms & the pain is manageable. Being a mother of two I was most afraid, not of the procedure (because I 100% trusted Dr. Ching), but the post-op recovery. I was nervous the pain would inhibit me from doing the things a mom needs to do. I've been pleasantly surprised with how good I feel in such a short recovery time & I have Dr. Ching to thank for that.

Now let's talk about his staff! Let's just say, they're all Amazing! They're welcoming, accommodating & answer any questions I've had through my pre & post-op surgery. They were very informative & I knew what to expect throughout each step of the way.

Long story short, I can't express enough how much I've enjoyed Dr. Ching & his staff & so grateful I found them. Love my new boobs!

4/13/2018 –

I had cool sculpting done with Jennel, which was such a cool experience! I was pretty nervous, but she was knowledgeable and patient to answer all of my questions thoroughly. She told me what to expect before, during and after, which was so helpful and put my nerves at ease. It's only been a few weeks, but I am already noticing results. Freezing fat, who knew?

3/15/2018 –

Dr. Shim Ching and staff were amazing. I had a breast augmentation and liposuction done and so happy with my results. My breast look and feel amazing and they are NOT far apart which was what I was worried about because I see people on tv with their boobs so far away from each other. My cleavage is perfect. Shim Ching and staff are so nice and welcoming, they make you feel really comfortable. I'm so happy with my decision and will be coming back for all my needs in the future.

3/13/2018 –

Still coming to Dr. Shim Ching's office to maintain my facial laser treatments. I love my skin now, and don't even wear foundation anymore.

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