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Our Hawaii Office Is Now Offering Prescription Latisse

Latisse - Before & After

You can now get the prescription eyelash growth treatment Latisse from Dr. Ching through our Honolulu, Hawaii, office. Latisse is the first and only treatment for hypotrichosis that has been approved by the FDA. Hypotrichosis is the medical term for the condition of inadequate or insufficient eyelashes.

Latisse also produces results for patients who’ve lost their eyelashes through chemotherapy treatments here in Hawaii. They can get the same benefits of eyelash growth from this treatment.

How Does Latisse Produce Eyelash Growth?

The exact process of Latisse’s successful eyelash growth isn’t yet known. However, repeated scientific trials and studies have confirmed its success.

Latisse’s principal ingredient is bimatoprost, which is a postaglandin analog present in your hair. It’s believed that bimatoprost promotoes both the growth and development of hair follicles, including your eyelashes.

Latisse’s eyelash growth seems to be produced in 2 ways:

  • By lengthening your eyelashes’ anagen, or growth phase.
  • By mulitplying the number of eyelash hairs created during the growth phase.

The results are apparent not only in the number of your eyelashes, but also in their quality. Latisse is an effective alternative to eyelash extensions that has been found to help our Honolulu patients produce longer, fuller and darker eyelashes.

Dr. Shim Ching

Dr. Shim Ching

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Shim Ching is one of Hawaii’s most renowned physicians for aesthetic procedures of the face, breast, and body. His attention to detail, skill, and mastery of surgical techniques produce remarkable, natural-looking results.

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Latisse Eyelash Regrowth Results

Latisse - Before & After

Users of Latisse may see these effects in as little as 6 weeks. The full results are usually reached in about 16 weeks of consistent Latisse use.

Latisse must be applied once each day to your eyelash line, using a disposable applicator. It should be applied to your upper eyelash only. The daily application must be maintained in order to retain your eyelash growth.

Latisse is available only by prescription and can be obtained through Dr. Ching’s Honolulu office.
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Contact us today at our Hawaii offices about Latisse and starting your eyelash regrowth.

What Our Patients Are Saying...

  • I have always had visions of what I would look like with a flat tummy. Now every single morning when I awake, I always say, “thank you Dr. Ching!” Thank you for allowing my dreams and visions of having my ideal body come to be a reality.
  • Dr Shim Ching is the best surgeon of the island of Oahu. You will get what you paid for. He gets the most hospitable staff. I just love them. Thank you.
  • Dear Dr. Ching, It has been 6 weeks (just as you said) and I look Fabulous! What a transformation! I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for the GREAT WORK you did on my face.

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