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Laser Hair Removal – How It Works

Women and men visit Dr. Shim Ching in Honolulu, Hawaii, for laser hair removal to get rid of excessive hair growth on the face and body. Previously the standard method for hair removal was electrolysis, which could only treat one hair at a time. One of the greatest breakthroughs of laser hair removal is that it can treat multiple hairs simultaneously.

This alone was a huge step forward as it greatly sped up the hair removal process. What used to take hundreds of hours can now be done in a fraction of the time and with greater effectiveness.

You may wonder, though, what precisely is the process that the laser uses on hair? A laser is merely a beam of light, its strength rooted in the narrow band of wavelengths it generates.

The Importance of Wavelengths in Laser Hair Removal

Years of research and scientific studies discovered the wavelengths that, when concentrated on hair, destroyed the hair shaft(s). The lasers were then developed to not only perform hair removal, but also do it safely and with a minimum of discomfort.

The wavelengths used by the laser in laser hair removal treatments are absorbed by the melanin, or pigment, in the hair itself. The precise targeting on those certain wavelengths eliminates the hair, leaving your skin unaffected. All the energy is focused on the hair shaft.

The laser’s wavelength focus is made even more precise by the fact that the laser can be adjusted for your individual case and treatment. Your body and your hairs have unique characteristics. Therefore they respond best to a certain subset of those wavelengths that eliminate hair. Dr. Ching and his technicians will adjust the laser to fit your specific case and get you the best results possible from your hair removal sessions.

Although there is heat generated by the laser, there are cooling attachments, which counter it during the session. They also negate any heat that is produced within the hair shafts as they are treated. This is yet another advancement in cosmetic technology that has made laser hair removal very popular and easy to undergo.

These technological leaps forward mean you’re getting the full benefit of cutting-edge knowledge and expertise from Dr. Ching and his skilled staff.

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