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Cheek Augmentation

Fullness of the cheek is a sign of youth and beauty. When people refer to “high cheekbones”, this phrase generally means a cheek area that is full and higher on the face. Some faces have a flatness in this area. With age, the cheek falls and fat loss occurs, which causes flattening of the cheek area. Dr. Shim Ching offers cheek augmentation and other procedures in Honolulu, Hawaii, to add or restore fullness to the cheeks.

Before & After GalleryRequest a ConsultationCosmetic cheek procedures can enhance your cheek contours, giving you facial balance or improved symmetry. The procedure can involve inserting an implant in the cheek to increase the prominence of the cheekbone through an incision in the mouth.

Alternatively fat can be harvested from an area such as the abdomen or inner thighs and injected into the cheek area. If this is done properly, the fat that is injected can be permanent. Results can be just as good as a cheek implant. This is our preferred method of augmenting the cheek region.

RADIESSE® injections can also be used to provide a temporary cheek augmentation that lasts 1 to 2 years. This procedure requires little to no recovery as this is an injectable filler. The results are also similar to cheek implants or fat injection. The disadvantage of Radiesse is that this is a temporary augmentation.

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