Why Patients Consider Rhinoplasty

Many men and women alike are dissatisfied with their noses. The reasons vary from structural issues to aesthetic ones. Nose surgery can dramatically improve overall facial symmetry and harmony and help improve nasal function. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ching has helped many men and women achieve the nose they desire through rhinoplasty at our Honolulu, Hawaii practice.

For some people, the nose may seem too large or too small in proportion to the rest of their facial features. For others, the tip of the nose may have a similar issue. The profile of the nose may reveal bumps or indentations that are unsatisfactory, or the nostrils may be too large, misshapen or uneven. These are examples of aesthetic issues commonly resolved through rhinoplasty. Similarly, functional issues such as deviated septums can also be resolved through rhinoplasty to create a clearer airway and help make breathing easier.

If you are unhappy with your nose for whatever reason, we invite you to contact our office and request a consultation today. You may also call the practice at (808) 207-7345 to schedule an appointment.

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