Traditional vs. Bellesoma™ Breast Reduction

When it comes to plastic surgery procedures like breast reduction, I believe my patients deserve to have options. I am one of the few plastic surgeons in Honolulu to offer both traditional breast reduction surgery and the Bellesoma Method, also called the Ultimate Breast Method. In this blog post, let’s take a side-by-side look at both of them to help you choose the right fit for you.

Traditional breast reduction is appropriate for women whose breasts are disproportionately large or heavy. Often, prospective patients complain of aches and pains that radiate to their neck and shoulders. Additionally, having significantly large breasts can interfere a patient’s favorite activities, making it physically difficult or embarrassing to participate in exercise, sexual intimacy, and more. Traditional breast augmentation is typically achieved with the use of an anchor-shaped scar on each breast. This gives the surgeon maximum flexibility during surgery, allowing me to remove as much tissue as necessary while also reshaping and raising the breasts for a perky look in addition to a smaller size. Traditional breast reduction is often accompanied by liposuction of the chest to maintain a cohesive, natural appearance. While this is the most versatile option, some women wish to avoid the scars associated with traditional breast reduction. Keep in mind that with proper aftercare, the scars eventually fade quite a bit–but they never go away completely. Most patients who choose this method find the scars to be well worth the relief they experience.

The Bellesoma Method eliminates the vertical incision on the breast, instead using incisions around the areolas and within the breast crease. Through these incisions, I remove excess breast tissue, reshape the remaining tissue, then attach the new breast mounds securely to the chest muscle. This way, the weight of the breasts is taken off of the skin and placed onto the muscle. This helps alleviate some of the back and neck strain, and may prevent or postpone future sagging. Although the Bellesoma method is appealing thanks to its reduced scar, it’s best for women who want only a small to moderate reduction.

Of course, the best way to determine the best option for you is through an in-person consultation. I invite you to contact my office with our convenient online form to help you visualize your potential results.

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