Introducing ARTAS®, The World’s First Robotic Hair Transplant System

A patient is happy with his hair restoration results

When it comes to hair restoration at my Honolulu, Hawaii, practice, there is no shortage of options for creating long-lasting results. For men and women looking to restore full, thick hairlines, I offer a variety of treatment choices including advanced technological approaches designed to create the most dramatic effects with the least discomfort and downtime.

In this blog post, I’ll go over a few common hair loss misconceptions and introduce you to an exciting new hair restoration system, ARTAS®.

Hair Loss: Myth vs. Fact

While hair loss is a very common cosmetic issue, there are many prevalent myths surrounding the topic.

Myth: Hair loss only happens to men.

Fact: Women can also experience hair loss. Female pattern hair loss is genetically determined. It affects more than 30% of all women and makes up more than 95% of all female hair loss cases. This commonly shows up as thinning on the top of the scalp and along the front hairline.

Myth: Hair loss is caused by bad hair hygiene.

Fact: Hair loss is not caused by a failure to take good care of your hair. Hair loss, like eye color, is an inherited trait, and sensitivity to hormonal thinning factors is coded genetically. Since you cannot fight balding genetics, my practice offers various treatments that can provide hair restoration.

Hair Restoration Approaches

A few of the available hair restoration options include:

  • Hair transplant surgery: Restore density to your hair using grafts from your scalp.
  • Laser hair restoration: Rebalance hormones affecting the scalp and stimulate the growth of stronger hair. Learn more about laser options in this blog post.
  • Propecia®: This prescription pill helps treat male pattern hair loss.
  • Rogaine®: This topical treatment stimulates natural hair growth.
  • Nonsurgical hair replacement: A wig, hairpiece, or hair extensions can create the appearance of a fuller head of hair.

How ARTAS Can Help

ARTAS, the world’s first and only robotic hair transplant system, creates long-lasting, natural-looking hair restoration results without the discomfort or scarring associated with traditional approaches. I use the system’s advanced digital imaging to transplant select hairs from the sides and back of the scalp into the thinning areas. The hair will begin to grow there in about 6 months.

The procedure takes a few hours, and many patients watch movies or listen to music during the appointment. The targeted area is put under local anesthesia to keep you comfortable throughout the process. Since the treatment is minimally invasive, most people need only a day or 2 to recover.

The best way to determine if the ARTAS approach is right for you is to visit my office for a consultation. During this appointment, I’ll be able to assess your concerns in person and give you an expert recommendation for the most effective treatment plan.

To learn more about the new ARTAS hair transplant system and other options for hair restoration in Honolulu, please visit our specialty site, Hair Transplant Hawaii. To move forward with treatment, please contact us online or call (808) 585-8855 to request a consultation.

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