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Get the facts about breast augmentation

Breast Implants – The Myths & The Truth

The Real Story On Many Breast Augmentation Questions It's understandable that there are so many myths about breast implants and breast augmentation surgery in Hawaii. A cosmetic procedure that can produce such dramatic changes, and provokes so much discussion, tends to lend itself to misinformation spreading very quickly. This page is aimed at correcting some …

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5 Things to Consider When Choosing Implant Sizes

Each prospective  patient who visits our Honolulu office typically has some idea of the size she wants. And while breast augmentation can be completely transformative, the possibilities aren't limitless. In this post, let's explore some of the factors to consider before you settle on a size: Your research. One good way of starting to narrow …

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Your Breast Implant Options at the Initial Consultation

Thousands of women every year in the United States alone decide to enhance the size of their busts through . In Honolulu, board-certified plastic surgeon  has helped countless patients achieve the results they desire. He understands that there are many reasons women may choose to undergo breast augmentation, and that every woman brings her unique needs, …

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A Quick Overview of Breast Augmentation

Getting  in Honolulu, Hawaii can be accomplished safely and successfully. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Shim Ching offers the latest silicone gel breast implants, along with saline breast implants, for your breast augmentation. You can see results of Dr. Ching's actual breast augmentation patients by visiting our . Breast augmentation increases the size and improves the shape …

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4 Quick Tips for Breast Augmentation Recovery

I consider recovery after  surgery at my Honolulu practice to be a team experience. My breast augmentation patients and I work together to ensure the recuperation is as comfortable and brief as possible. Because each patient is unique, the exact nature of recovery differs from case to case. We're all a little different. A patient's …

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