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Asian Jaw Contouring Surgery

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The jawbone can be very prominent in some Asians, particularly in ethnic groups from Northeast Asia. Prominence of the jaw leads to a widened lower face. In profile, the portion of the jaw called the “angle of the jaw” can be softened to result in a more feminine appearance.

Dr. Ching has studied in Korea with some of the pioneers of facial bone contouring to perfect his techniques of jaw contouring in Honolulu, Hawaii. To reduce the size of the jaw, the bone is filed down and a portion of bone is removed. Surgery is performed through incision within the mouth so that there is no external scar.

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Asian Jaw Contouring Surgery Alternative

One alternative to surgery is BOTOX® Cosmetic injections. In patients where the prominence of the jaw is due to a strong jaw muscle (the masseter muscle), injections of BOTOX can cause the muscle to shrink, resulting in narrowing of the lower face. If larger doses of BOTOX are used the effect can be permanent. This is an excellent alternative to surgery as there is almost no downtime and the risks of BOTOX injections are minimal.

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