Trisha Pereira, RN

Trisha is our lead operating room nurse and our patients’ advocate during surgery. She strives to keep the operating room running smoothly, safely, and efficiently. Trisha graduated from Hawaii Pacific University with a Bachelor of Science in nursing in 2008 and then started full time as an RN at the Queens Medical Center–Punchbowl in the oncology unit. Her nursing background includes 10 years in oncology in both inpatient and outpatient settings administering chemotherapy. Trisha enjoys the challenge in the ever-changing field of cosmetic surgery. She was born and raised in Kahalu’u and currently lives in Waimanalo. She married her husband, Jayson, in 2009 and has 4 daughters. When not working, Trisha enjoys lifting weights, boxing, and going to the beach with her family. She also enjoys traveling with her husband, baking, and eating Hawaiian food (poke and sushi). Trisha says, “What inspires me every day are my husband and daughters. I start each day by giving them a hug and telling them that I love them. I live an active and healthy lifestyle so I can be around longer to live life with them.”

Trisha’s Favorite

Trisha’s favorite skincare product is SkinMedica’s TNS Essential Serum because it keeps her skin tight and supple. Her favorite treatment is the PRP Vampire Facial which has created a major improvement under her eyes.