Butt Lift

The latest innovation in buttock lifting is the injection of fat harvested from another part of your body. Fat is harvested using a special technique to ensure that it will survive when it is injected back into the buttocks. Common areas of fat harvest include the abdomen and lower back regions. Harvesting of fat provides the benefit of improving the contour of these regions. Contouring of the lower back is important as better shape in this area accentuates the shape of the buttocks. After fat is harvested, special processing is necessary so that only living fat is injected into the buttocks. Careful layering of small threads of fat in both in the muscle and under the skin provides the most successful amount of fat survival and best appearance. Fat is preferred as this provides a natural-feeling and permanent result. In selected patients, silicone implants are available to provide additional contour to this area. Hawaii Liposuction & Buttock Lift

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