Asian Double Eyelid Surgery

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Asian Double Eyelid Before & After

The creation of a lid fold, also known as “double eyelid surgery,” is one of the most common cosmetic surgical operations performed on Asians. Creating the lid fold dramatically enlarges the eyes and enhances their appearance. Dr. Shim Ching specializes in Asian double eyelid surgery in Honolulu, Hawaii.

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What is Double Eyelid Surgery?

The Asian lid fold differs from the Caucasian lid fold. In Asians, the fold merges with the lash line towards the nose and gradually enlarges towards the outer corner of the eye. Asian patients usually request folds that are smaller than the folds typically seen in Caucasians. Understanding these differences is important in achieving a result that maintains Asian ethnicity.

Asian Eyelid Surgery Techniques

A variety of techniques can be used to create a double eyelid. The techniques are termed either “incisional double eyelid surgery”, where an incision and sutures are made to create the fold and “non-incisional double eyelid surgery” or “suture method double eyelid surgery”, where only tiny incisions and special suturing are done to create the fold. Some patients have heaviness of the upper eyelids caused by fat deposits, which require removal during surgery. Older patients may require upper eyelid skin removal or a browlift to optimize their results. Because each patient is unique, Dr. Ching selects the most appropriate method for you during your consultation.

Inner eyelid fold lengthening or medial epicanthoplasty is a procedure that is often done in conjunction with upper eyelid fold creation. This effectively removes a small fold of skin in the inner corner of the eye that is present in some Asian individuals. This lengthens the inner corner of the eye and can optimize the fold created from double eyelid surgery. This can make the eye look even longer and larger. The method used by Dr. Ching results in no visible scar as the incisions are hidden with the margin of the eyelids.

Drooping of one or both of the eyelids, called ptosis, is also a very common condition that ideally should be addressed with any double eyelid procedure. Drooping of one of the eyelids will result in asymmetry of the eyes that can be accentuated by double eyelid surgery if not corrected. Correction of drooping of both eyelids will further enhance a double eyelid surgery by making the eyes larger. A new technique, called “non-incisional combined double eyelid and ptosis correction surgery” utilizes the same suture that creates the eyelid fold to correct ptosis, so that both eyelid fold creation and ptosis correction can be achieved with a single procedure.

You can read about what to expect during the initial hours during your double eyelid surgery recovery.

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