Asian Breast Implants

Breast Augmentation for Asians

Dr. Ching has made plastic surgery for Asians one of his specialties from the very start of his practice. This concentration and expertise ensures you receive the best of care with the greatest safety and the most advanced cosmetic surgery techniques.

Asian women do have unique characteristics. Having a plastic surgeon knowledgeable in this area is extremely beneficial to you. This knowledge has a postive impact on how the surgery is conducted.

For instance, the average Asian woman has a smaller and lighter frame than her Caucasian, Black or Hispanic counterpart. This isn’t true for every single case, but it is generally accurate.

Breast Implant Surgery For Asians – Unique Approach

Another example is breast enhancement using an armpit scar. Asian women have naturally occuring darker wrinkles in their armpits. These wrinkles make it very easy to hide scars in this region, providing a way for Dr. Ching to provide his patients with a virtually scarless breast augmentation. By perfecting an endoscopic approach to breast augmentation with an armpit incision, he can offer you this surgery with greater safety and faster recovery.

The surgeon needs to not only perform the breast enhancement properly; they also must create the proper proportion of the implants to the Asian woman’s more petite form. This is essential. Many Asians want an enhanced look, but without the conspicuous breast augmentation that others desire.

However, if your desire is for a larger breast augmentation, Dr. Ching can do that as well, giving you the same benefits from his expertise with Asian clients. The range of possibilities for your augmentation is a matter that you and he will explore during your consultation. When you know all the pros and cons, the best decision for you will become clear.

What’s most important is you have the confidence of being under the care of a plastic surgeon who not only has extensive experience performing breast augmentation for Asian females, but actually has had specialized training in this area.

Though the differences between the Asian female body and others might seem small, they can have important implications for cosmetic surgery. Even slight differences between ethnic groups might call for a change in approach to reach the same excellent results. With Dr. Ching you know you’re getting the skill and knowledge that has already created many satisfied Asian clients right here in Hawaii.

You can read more on getting Breast Implants in Hawaii on our main procedure page. Or go to our section on Cosmetic Surgery for Asians.

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