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What to Do (and Not Do) After Your Tummy Tuck

Getting a tummy tuck will make your abs look toned and firm – but how do you make sure those results last indefinitley? Here are a few things you should and shouldn’t do after your tummy tuck procedure: DO Wear your compression garment and follow the post-op instructions given to you by your plastic surgeon Drink a lot of fluids and eat a balanced diet Gently massage your stomach – this will help to increase circulation in the area Listen to what your body is telling you Follow up with your plastic surgeon DON’T Participate in strenuous activities – this includes lifting … Continue reading

Rhinoplasty Recovery After Correcting for a Dorsal Hump

Looking in the mirror every day and seeing a nasal bridge that looks convex and projects outwards can be depressing. If you’re getting rhinoplasty in Hawaii to fix this, it’s helpful to learn about dorsal hump rhinoplasty recovery options here in Honolulu. During dorsal hump rhinoplasty recovery, a splint may be used to stabilize the area. The area is also wrapped in tape. The splint will be worn for a week, after which it will be taken off. After this, the patient should re-wrap the nose once a day for the next two weeks, aiding in the healing process. Discuss … Continue reading

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