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Rhinoplasty Recovery After Correcting for a Dorsal Hump

Looking in the mirror every day and seeing a nasal bridge that looks convex and projects outwards can be depressing. If you’re getting rhinoplasty in Hawaii to fix this, it’s helpful to learn about dorsal hump rhinoplasty recovery options here in Honolulu. During dorsal hump rhinoplasty recovery, a splint may be used to stabilize the area. The area is also wrapped in tape. The splint will be worn for a week, after which it will be taken off. After this, the patient should re-wrap the nose once a day for the next two weeks, aiding in the healing process. Discuss … Continue reading

How Rhinoplasty Can Address a Wide Nose

I have many patients come into my practice who are self-conscious about the width of the bridge of their nose. This appearance is usually due to wide nasal bones. When I perform rhinoplasty for Hawaii patients at my Honolulu practice, my approach to a wide nose begins with the nostril sills or the alar insertions — sometimes both. (The nostril sills are the areas at the inner bottom of the nostrils; the alar insertions are the outer rounded parts of the nostrils.) When the nostril sills are the issue, I perform a sill excision to reduce their size. When the alar … Continue reading

The Inverted V: When Revision Rhinoplasty Becomes Necessary

One of the most common causes of an inverted V nasal malformation (i.e., a dip in the nasal bridge) is complication after rhinoplasty surgery. Unfortunately, correcting it requires a revision rhinoplasty, which we perform for Hawaii patients. But how does the primary rhinoplasty procedure create this kind of problem? When a dorsal hump is removed during rhinoplasty, there is a risk of taking away too much cartilage from the area. It’s a delicate thing, and mistakes like these are all too common. When there isn’t enough collagen left to support the vault (the bridge), an inverted V deformity occurs. If you … Continue reading

Transformation Through Rhinoplasty: Don’t Settle for a Crooked Nose

Many people suffer from nasal deformities. Issues such as a crooked nose are common and embarrassing problems, and they can give a person a negative self-image. To correct for these aspects of the nose, Dr. Shim Ching offers rhinoplasty surgery to patients here in Honolulu, Hawaii. When a person has a crooked nose, the nasal bones are out of proper vertical alignment. Because they are connected to the nose’s cartilaginous structures, the middle vault area (on the bridge of the nose) and its cartilage are also misaligned. The septum, an internal vertical nasal structure made of bone and cartilage, may also be … Continue reading

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