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SlimLipo is the result of the latest technological advances in cosmetic surgery. It stands out from other laser liposuction systems because it uses laser wavelengths that specifically target fat and optimally tighten skin. Dr. Shim Ching offers this laser lipo system in his practice in Honolulu, Hawaii, because it results in faster recovery and smoother, tighter results over traditional liposuction alone.

The SlimLipo laser system, combined with Dr. Ching’s extensive training and cosmetic surgery experience, provides his Honolulu patients exceptional liposuction results. To learn more, request a consultation with Dr. Ching using his online form or call our office at 808.585.8855 to schedule an appointment.

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Selectively Targets Fat & Tightens Skin

The “Slim” in SlimLipo stands for “Selective Laser Induced Melting” because the SlimLipo laser uses wavelengths that selectively target fat and tighten the skin. While other laser liposuction systems operate on the 1064-nanometer or 1320-nanometer wavelengths, SlimLipo focuses on the 924-nanometer and 975-nanometer wavelengths. Repeated studies have determined that 924 nanometers is one of the 4 prime absorption levels for fat. This level is the only available laser-assisted wavelength that’s absorbed more by fat than water in the surrounding tissues. That means the system can zero in on body fat more effectively and precisely. Palomar, the company that created SlimLipo, now has patents on both the 924-nanometer and 957-nanometer wavelengths.

Improves Previous Liposuction Results

In addition to enhancing traditional liposuction, SlimLipo can also be used to improve unsatisfactory liposuction results by:

  • Providing corrective tightening of areas of loose skin
  • Smoothing contour irregularities

This provides a corrective option for those who’ve experienced less effective procedures from other surgeons and liposuction systems.

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