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Bellesoma™ Breast Lift

A surgical breast lift can significantly improve the appearance of sagging breasts, but some women are reluctant because of the scars it can leave behind. With that in mind, Dr. Shim Ching now offers the Bellesoma breast lift method here in Honolulu, Hawaii. The Bellesoma method lifts and repositions the breasts with the patient’s own tissue. The result is a rounder, perkier shape with no vertical scarring on the breast.

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BreastLift by Bellesoma. Actual Before and After Photos. Photos courtesy of Dr. Gary Horndeski, M.D.t

What makes the Bellesoma breast lift method different?

Bellesoma beforeMany traditional breast lift procedures rely on an implant to restore the breasts’ previous round shape. This type of breast lift can also create significant vertical scarring on the breasts, especially when the sagging is more extensive. Many women shy away from traditional breast lift because they wish to avoid both the scarring and the implant.


Bellesoma afterThe Bellesoma method addresses both of these concerns. During surgery, the patient’s existing natural tissue improves the shape of the breasts and creates an internal suspension system that raises and supports them. These improvements avoid vertical scars by using incisions under the inframammary fold and around the areolas. The result? Soft, full, perky, and youthful-looking breasts that last for years.

What Our Patients Are Saying...

  • I have always had visions of what I would look like with a flat tummy. Now every single morning when I awake, I always say, “thank you Dr. Ching!” Thank you for allowing my dreams and visions of having my ideal body come to be a reality.
  • Dr Shim Ching is the best surgeon of the island of Oahu. You will get what you paid for. He gets the most hospitable staff. I just love them. Thank you.
  • Dear Dr. Ching, It has been 6 weeks (just as you said) and I look Fabulous! What a transformation! I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for the GREAT WORK you did on my face.

The Bellesoma method is appropriate for women of all ages who want uplifted, more youthfully shaped breasts. It is not performed to add volume to the breasts. If you are interested in increasing the size of your breasts, you may want to consider adding breast augmentation to your breast lift. During your consultation with Dr. Ching, you’ll discuss your eligibility for the Bellesoma method versus traditional breast lift, either with or without augmentation.

Your Procedure

Like traditional breast lift surgery, Dr. Ching performs the Bellesoma method while you are under general anesthesia. The surgery has 3 distinct steps:

Bellesoma step 1

Step 1

Once you are fully anesthetized, Dr. Ching uses your existing natural breast tissue to create new breast mounds higher on your chest.


Bellesoma step 2

Step 2

After he evaluates their size and symmetry, Dr. Ching secures the new mounds directly to the chest muscle, which significantly reduces the strain placed on the skin and leads to longer-lasting results.


Bellesoma step 3

Step 3

Dr. Ching places the final incisions around your areolas and along the breast fold. This avoids the vertical scars normally associated with breast lift, leaving behind very discreet marks.


Anticipated Results

Results will be noticeable immediately after surgery to some degree, but it takes some time for them to develop completely. In that time, the swelling associated with surgery will go away on its own, and the incisions will fade to flat lines.


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Recuperation after the Bellesoma method is similar to that of a traditional breast lift. Plan on about a week spent resting at home. You will need more time is needed before resuming exercise and physically demanding activities. Dr. Ching can discuss the specifics of your fitness routine and give you a timeline for getting back to it during your consultation.

If you avoid significant weight fluctuations, your results from a Bellesoma breast lift will last for years to come.

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