Are you troubled by excess fat that no diet or workout has resolved? If so, you are likely a good candidate for a groundbreaking advance in body contouring: truSculpt iD. With a 24 percent average reduction in the fat in the area treated, you can finally enjoy a slimmer, more sculpted physique with this state-of-the-art slimming treatment. 

A Non-Invasive Way To Melt Excess Fat

Imagine undergoing a fast, stress-free, comfortable treatment that produces visible results with a single treatment, with no downtime. Rather than undergoing a more invasive procedure to extract fat, you will simply lie comfortably on a treatment bed, with the handpieces applied to the fatty areas. The fat cells are impacted by the heat emitted by the device, destroying unwanted fat cells, which are then shed by your body naturally. Lose those excess inches on love handles, waist, or other body areas. Multiple areas can be treated in one session.

Your Treatment Experience

truSculpt iD offers a comfortable and safe way to shed fat. Imagine finally being free of excess fat without undergoing lipo or surgery, simply resting comfortably while the fat is melted away – you can watch it happen with truSculpt iD. Your treatment is painless and comfortable, and you are free to return to your work or other activities free from concerns about side effects. 

It is safe for all skin types and could be the ideal precision treatment to melt away excess fat from:

  • Love handles
  • Waist
  • Buttocks
  • Hips
  • Inner thighs
  • Outer thighs

When Will I See Results?

After your treatment, the damaged fat cells are shed by your lymphatic system, with gradual results achieved, peaking at six to twelve weeks following your first treatment. The gradual shedding of fat over time is extremely rewarding. As the days pass, you can watch your figure changing to become more attractive, slimmer, and beautifully contoured. Your treatment takes only 15 minutes to perform for most areas. If you have larger quantities of fat, you may need a series of treatments performed at 12-week intervals. 

Is truSculpt iD Safe?

The truSculpt iD system is FDA-approved to remove excess fat. It causes no damage to your skin or tissue and leaves no scars. This state-of-the-art fat removal system is safe, comfortable to experience, and produces visible results that last. You will feel a warming sensation that is not unpleasant or painful. Once your body sheds the excess fat, you can maintain your slimmer figure with a healthy diet and regular exercise. 

Dr. Shim Ching: Premier Plastic Surgeon in Honolulu

Dr. Ching has a reputation for excellence and has been named in “Best Doctors in America,” as the Honolulu Star Advertiser’s “People’s Choice Awards,” and his practice, Asia Pacific Plastic Surgery, has been listed as the best cosmetic surgery practice in Honolulu by Honolulu Magazine every year since 2014. His approach is different from many other practitioners, as he is committed to staying at the leading edge in the latest developments in aesthetic technology. He has seen the impressive results achieved with the truSculpt iD system and now offers this revolutionary fat reduction treatment at his private luxury office in Honolulu.

Shim Ching MD

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