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Laser Hair Removal Q&A

Why Are Multiple Hair Removal Sessions Needed?

Clients who visit Dr. Ching for laser hair removal in Honolulu, Hawaii, often ask:

“Why does it take 5 sessions to complete?”
“What’s the reason for spacing apart the hair removal treatments by a few weeks?”

Both questions about laser hair removal can be answered by the fact that your hair has 3 growth phases, which it is always cycling through. One of the phases is known as the Dormant Phase because that is precisely what occurs during that time ­ the hair follicle is dormant. When it is dormant, that means there is no hair present, so the laser cannot target it.

Laser hair removal works because the pigmented hair in the follicle absorbs laser light, generating heat which damages the follicle. When the follicle is damaged in this manner, it stops growing hair.

The other issue is that all of your follicles do not go through the same cycles at the same time. Although most of your hair is in the active phase at any one time, it’s not always the same hairs making up that majority.

Therefore a single laser hair removal treatment can only target some of the desired hairs. The follicles that are dormant at that time are unaffected by the laser so a later session is necessary. This allows time for additional follicles to become active so they are treatable.

The Spacing of Your Laser Hair Removal Sessions

The treatments are usually spaced out 3 to 4 weeks apart for this reason. That schedule may be varied according to Dr. Ching’s decision on what will bring the best results for your hair removal.

Hair can actually be in the active phase and yet be beneath the skin, unnoticed. Laser hair treatment can still remove these hairs even though they cannot be seen. The most important factor is that they are in the active phase, whether they have grown past the skin level or not.

Although you can see some results after the initial treatment, the real effects will usually be seen starting with the 3rd session. That is because this is when the majority of hairs in the targeted area have been fully treated.

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