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How To Prepare For Breast Augmentation

What To Do Before Getting Breast Implants

Properly preparing for your breast augmentation surgery in Honolulu, Hawaii, begins at your consultation with Dr. Ching. When you make your final decision for surgery, you should be certain you get a copy of, and fully understand, Dr. Ching’s recommendations for your breast augmentation procedure. It will be extremely important that you follow them in the time both before and after your breast implant surgery.

Here we will offer some of the general recommendations for those getting ready for breast augmentation. They do not replace Dr. Ching’s guidelines. They are general, good practices for a safer, more successful procedure.

First is a rule that applies to almost any surgery, because it directly affects your general health and well-being. This makes it vital that, if you do smoke, you stop doing so at least 2 weeks before your surgery date. Sooner, if possible. Your condition plays an important role in the safety of your surgery as well as the success of your recovery.

This rule includes any other nicotine products, including patches or nicotine gum. What else should you avoid before your breast augmentation?

Drugs & Vitamins Guidelines For Your Breast Augmentation

Certain drugs should also not be taken, at least for the few weeks leading up to surgery. Some drugs can affect the ability of your blood to clot, possibly resulting in excessive bleeding during your procedure. What drugs are these?:

  • Aspirin
  • Ibuprofen
  • Aleve
  • Any pain relievers containing any of the above products

Vitamins can play a part in your breast augmentation preparation as well. For example, it may be recommended that you consume a higher amount of Vitamin C in the pre-operation period. Vitamin C can strengthen the capillary walls, making you less prone to post-operative bruising.

Vitamin E, however, has the potential to negatively influence your blood clotting capability in ways similar to aspirin. Therefore it might be advised that you lessen or even stop taking Vitamin E during the weeks prior to your breast implant procedure.

Dr. Ching will give you specific instructions on drugs and medications that you should follow. Tell him about your current medications, vitamin and drug regimen during your consultation so he can give you the soundest instruction possible on their use. Because these will be directly aimed at securing your health and realizing the most successful breast augmentation possible, it’s essential that you pay attention to them.

One thing you should do is fill any prescriptions for pain medications or antibiotics ahead of time. Prescriptions are always given to our patients at their preoperative appointment. Have them ready and at hand so they’re available upon your return after the breast augmentation is performed. You will not want to be without them or have to wait for them should they be needed.

Your Role In A Successful Breast Augmentation

Remember, your part in preparing for your breast augmentation is crucial, even if it just involves following Dr. Ching’s recommendations. Find out the best ways you can ready yourself and your system for the procedure and act accordingly. It is the most effective way you can influence your breast implant results and your recovery for the better.

You can read more on getting breast implants & breast augmentation in Hawaii, then contact us today for a consultation on breast implants in our Honolulu, Hawaii offices. Get your questions answered about breast augmentation and whether it’s right for you.

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