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Tummy Tuck Success

Tummy Tuck Surgery Success: 2 Vital Areas You Can Control

Preparation before your tummy tuck surgery with Dr. Ching in Honolulu, Hawaii, is extremely important because it plays such a crucial role in the recovery and success of your procedure. We’ve discussed the role of your diet & foods in tummy tuck surgery already. Here we want to go into a couple of other vital areas that can affect your recuperation.

There is one practice that you must eliminate completely before your procedure: Smoking. It has been proven that smoking has a direct negative effect on your recovery. How? It reduces the amount of oxygen that reaches your skin cells by constricting your blood vessels. That lower level of oxygen means your skin cells’ healing response is slowed. That’s the last thing you want going into a surgical procedure like a tummy tuck.

Preparing For a Tummy Tuck? Stop This Habit Immediately

If you do smoke, it’s recommended that you stop smoking for at least 4 weeks before you undergo your tummy tuck surgery. This will help in alleviating the low oxygen levels. However, despite the improvements this abstaining can produce, it should be noted that the smoker will still face more potential hurdles than a non-smoker during recovery.

This temporary termination of smoking includes the use of nicotine gum and patches. You must restrict all intake of nicotine, regardless of the form or delivery system, to get the benefits.

Another way to prepare for your procedure is to exercise. The best-case scenario is one in which exercise is an ongoing practice, rather than just engaged in before surgery. The prime reason for exercising as much as possible is that you want to get as close as you can to your ideal weight before going in to the surgery.

A dramatic weight loss that occurs after a tummy tuck can create the need for further shaping of the skin to deal with the excess skin. You can help prevent this problem by reducing your weight before your abdominoplasty. Exercise produces more benefits than just this, however.

How Exercise Improves Quality & Speed of Recovery

Exercise also builds muscle and speeds up your metabolism. That helps during the recovery period when you may not be active or mobile. It decreases any weight gain that can take place after your surgery. A stronger heart also elevates your immune response, increasing the rate of recovery from your tummy tuck.

Another advantage of exercise is its effect on the problem of blood clotting. A pre-procedure active regimen will give your body the ability to fight blood clots in the days following your surgery. Post-procedure walking and exercise will prolong that benefit to further protect you and your health.

Dr. Ching will give you guidelines and directions on your exercise and activity for both the periods before and after your tummy tuck. It’s essential that you follow these as they will be important to your recuperation, your post-operative health and your well-being. Give yourself every advantage possible to get the best results and the quickest, safest recovery.

Contact us today for a personal, confidential consultation with Dr. Ching regarding tummy tuck surgery in Hawaii. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and concerns. Or go to our main Hawaii Tummy Tuck page.

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