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Hawaii Board Certified Plastic Surgeon pt. 2

The Truth About Board Certified Plastic Surgeons (Cont.)

You need to know that your surgeon is specifically Board Certified for Plastic Surgery. Cosmetic surgeons use the label ‘Board Certified’ often. Understandably, the patient assumes it means for Plastic Surgery. This is not always necessarily true.

It’s crucial that you not only ask specifically if they’re certified, but precisely which certification your doctor has when first meeting with them.

What Dr. Ching’s Board Certification In Plastic Surgery Really Means For You

To become certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, your surgeon must first complete an approved residency in plastic surgery. Additionally, they must pass a written qualifying examination, followed by an oral certifying examination.

Dr. Ching has passed this rigorous 3-step process. It’s important to him, but it’s even more important to you as a prospective client and patient. His certification is an assurance to you of his knowledge, ability & experience in cosmetic plastic surgery.

How You Know You’re Getting the Best, Up to the Minute Care

Lastly, Dr. Ching’s continuing education isn’t just a matter of his desire to constantly improve; it’s also a requirement of his membership in the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

As a member, Dr. Ching is required to take 150 hours of continuing medical education in a 3-year period. At least 50 of those hours must specifically apply to the practice of plastic surgery. Again, it’s one more way Dr. Ching fulfills his promise of performing the latest & safest cosmetic techniques on patients like you.

You can meet with a Hawaii board-certified plastic surgeon now to ensure you get the best care and the most current procedures possible. Contact us today to schedule a personal, confidential consultation here in Honolulu with Dr. Ching.

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